Reduce your supply chain costs

with human centric AI

Existing Infrastructure. Actionable Insights.

Arvist’s AI platform uses your Security Camera to provide you better operational insights, 3PL software helps companies in order, warehouse, supplies management.

Arvist Security Camera AI

Your Security Cameras

Operational Insights

Our AI Platform

Operational Insights

Realize cost saving for your logistics operations with actionable recommendations from your existing cameras without any new sensors or IoT devices


Get proactive insights to prevent workplace injuries and prevent unplanned leave of absences while ensuring compliance

Real-Time Response

Reduce reaction times and potential operation shut-downs with real-time alerts for any accidents and incidents in your facility

"We are developing AI systems that amplify and augment rather than displace human abilities improving productivity and increasing profits in a data secure manner"

Existing Infrastructure. Actionable Insights.

On Premise Data security

On-Premise Data Secure Solution

Zero Facial Recognition

Zero Facial or Identity recognition

Industry leading security certifications

Industry leading security certifications

5x Increase in Productivity

10% Reduction in Operational Costs

30% Reduction in time-off due to workplace injuries

Welcome to the
Humans of Supply Chain Blog

Over 50 million people work in the supply chain in the US. We are building technology for them.

In our blog below, we talk to a few of them and understand their point of view to gain a better insight into our supply chain operations.