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Operational Insights

Operational Insights

  • Loading / Unloading Times at your loading dock
  • How much time did that pallet with perishable goods spend in the loading zone?
  • How much time does it for the goods to go from assembly to packaging?
  • How much redundant time is spent walking?
  • Which loading bay takes the longest time?
  • All these and more without any new IoT devices or sensors


  • Predict the chances of your employee getting injured in the future with no wearables or sensors
  • Give proactive breaks for repeated movements and unsafe ergonomics
  • Predict unsafe areas in the facility with highest chances of accidents with near-miss detections
  • Prevent security risks like doors left open, tail-gating into the facility and inventory counting to alert for thefts without new sensors
3PL Software

Real-Time Alerts

  • Instant alerts for forklift collisions with humans or objects without any sensors
  • Detect safety incidents like slips and falls, spills and non-compliance to personal protective equipment (Like hardhats, safety glasses, vests and more)
  • Get alerts on spills, blocked exits and walking pathways and unknown fallen objects
  • Perimeter breaches and unknown personnel in the facility
  • Unauthorized trucks and vehicles entering your facility

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On Premise Data security

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Industry leading security certifications