Security System
of the future

No more running 100s of feet of wires around buildings

No licenses or expert installers needed

No maintenance or service contracts required

No large recorders gathering dust in your server rooms

ARVIST solves the major shortcomings of current CCTV cameras and provides a platform readt for the next generation of supply chain

5G and wireless enabled with cloud storage to ensure plug and play installation and running

Single component to reduce complexity and maintenance with embedded sensors in a weather proof casing

1 click API to connect with any AI analytic software + in-built AI solutions

Designed and assembled in the USA with 100% compliance to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Love for Arvist


Arvist is going to do to enterprise security what Ring did to residential security

-Teddy, Security Integrator with 20 years in the Industry
Since no one went back the drawing board since the invention of CCTV cameras, they kept getting more complicated without getting much better. Arvist changes that with its simple design approach.
-Alan, VP of major logistics company
Finally someone is developing a platform for CCTV’s which will allow us to take advantage of various AI software out there with ease.
-Carly, VP of a fortune 500 Manufacturing company

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