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Technology for Distribution Centers

The average square footage for a distribution center is over 600,000 sq ft. With ecommerce as one of the biggest drivers, the demand for large distribution centers keeps growing. And as demand and output increases multi-fold and the operations become more complex and demanding, businesses have to look for new ways to streamline their processes and maximize their efficiency. Supply Chain AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is proving to be the answer to this challenge. Supply Chain AI-powered software is revolutionizing the distribution center operations and helping businesses improve their warehouse productivity. AI software can analyze existing data, identify patterns, and make decisions based on the data it collects, allowing businesses to optimize their warehouse operations and Supply Chain Visibility and reduce their operational costs.

Use Case Example: Route Optimizations

  • Tracking pallets throughout the warehouse
  • Giving reports on optimal routes to take for forklift and pallet movements throughout the facility
  • Reduce congestion and facilitate smooth movement of goods throughout the facility
  • Real-time worker job assignments and re-routing as required

Use Case Example: Yard Management

  • Understand dwell times of trucks
  • Ensure correct routing and scheduling of trucks to your DC
  • Use data for ESG reporting
  • Reduce driver wait times and ensure proper staffing for loading/unloading and deliveries

Use Case Example: Blocked docks, exits and aisles

  • Goods or Pallets left in front of fire exits or doors violating safety regulations
  • Forklifts or other vehicles like pallet stackers parked in front of loading docks or other entry points
  • Ensuring walking pathways are free of any objects or vehicles for safe movement of people
  • Identify unknown objects which could be security threat

Use Case Example: Worker Heatmaps

  • Understand facility usage without any IoT sensors
  • Data for facility redesigns
  • Understand redundant movements throughout the facility
  • Real-time worker job assignments and re-routing as required

Use Case Example: Safety Incidents and Accidents

  • Get real-time alerts of Falls
  • Spills and fallen object alerts for designated zones in the warehouse or distribution center
  • Automatic reporting of safety incidents and exporting reports for OSHA and insurance auditing purposes
  • Connect the software with other safety incident management systems (IMS)

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Humans of Supply Chain

Over 50 million people work in the supply chain in the US. We are building technology for them in terms of Supply Chain AI Software 

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